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UpperEdge Reduces Indirect Access License Exposure via Negotiations by 60 to 70%

Carole Jacques

Touchstone Assessment service for SAP customer relationships proactively identifies existing and future Indirect Access risk, says UpperEdge.

BOSTON, MA – August 10, 2017 – With over 65,000 large enterprises relying on SAP to run their businesses in a highly interconnected manner, customers need to have rock solid handles on their SAP relationships. Annual audits, complex agreements and an evolving SAP ecosystem continue to represent significant and costly challenges for SAP customers.

In addition, the results of the SAP v. Diageo “Indirect Access” case and the current SAP v. AB InBev arbitration provide enough cause for concern, whereby executives need to assess the state of their SAP usage models, relationship, and potential financial risk, according to UpperEdge.

The Touchstone Assessment offering is UpperEdge’s next generation of its Baseline Assessment for SAP relationships, affording SAP customers the opportunity to proactively get a handle on their current and future Indirect Access risk and it has enabled a reduction in customer license exposure by an average of 60-70%.

“SAP Indirect Access is a highly complex issue and one where the knife cuts both ways,” said Dave Blake, UpperEdge Founder and CEO.

“It’s highly concerning for business and IT executives on two fronts — they are concerned about potential Indirect Access compliance claims within their existing SAP environment and they are hamstrung on how to design and build their next generation architecture because their decisions now may open them to more exposure in the future given the desire for hyperconnectivity and the Internet of Things,” added Blake.

UpperEdge’s Touchstone Assessment for SAP allows customers to proactively and confidentially accomplish the following:

  • Obtain an unbiased assessment of the true health of their SAP relationship
  • Determine and financially quantify agreement and license optimization opportunities
  • Determine and financially quantify existing and future SAP Indirect Access risk
  • Develop a strategy for engaging with SAP to mitigate risk, capture lost value and develop their next generation relationship

UpperEdge has advised on over $250M of potential Indirect Access compliance claims on behalf of Global 2000 companies in the last 24 months. While always able to significantly reduce their customers’ current Indirect Access risk and exposure, UpperEdge started to receive inquiries from customers about the risk associated with the future changes they were considering for their next generation architecture. This market need was the driver for the launch of our Touchstone Assessment Service.

UpperEdge maximizes the value its clients receive from their key IT supplier relationships by helping them develop and execute to fact-based sourcing, negotiation, and program execution strategies. Visit for more information.