Agile at Scale: Hertz vs. Accenture and How to Hold Your SI Accountable

November 12, 2019
John Belden
Ted Rogers
Ted Rogers

Hosted by Project Execution Advisory Leaders, John Belden and Ted Rogers

As companies have evolved and progressed through the pioneering stage of Agile, there has been a tendency to take on larger and larger efforts. There have even been inroads made in the application of Agile to support the deployment of ERP (projects that are notoriously complex with a significant amount of integration). But the benefits of Agile that were derived from smaller-scale efforts have not naturally transferred to Agile projects at scale.

This webcast will analyze:

  • Hertz vs. Accenture – Why this case is important, it’s history, what we know, and what we hope to discover
  • How to use the SI contract to balance and mitigate agile-at-scale risks and to ensure you have the proper protections in your base contracts to hold them accountable
  • What absolutely needs to be done during the project to guarantee SI accountability
  • When to use a Value check assessment.


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