CIO Executive Panel: How to Optimize Your Microsoft Relationship

August 25, 2020


CIO Exec Panel 082520

Many companies have been doing business with Microsoft for a long time and they rely heavily on Microsoft’s solutions, especially as part of their digital transformations.  Given this, it is critical that these companies ensure they have an optimized portfolio, the proper roadmap built, the right relationship in place and the appropriate contractual and commercial deal locked down.

Join Microsoft Practice Leader Adam Mansfield as he facilitates a discussion with a panel of the following accomplished CIOs:

  • Amit Shah, CIO, Excelitas Technologies
  • Grant Shih, CIO, National DCP
  • Brad Whitehall, VP of IT, CIO, Unifirst

This webcast will cover:

  • How to Build Your Microsoft Roadmap
    • The key considerations when building out a Microsoft roadmap
    • The driving forces behind recent Microsoft product adoption
  • What a Microsoft Relationship Should Look Like
    • The positive aspects
    • What Microsoft could be doing better
  • How to Prepare for Your Microsoft Renewal Negotiations
    • How to properly prepare for your Microsoft renewal
    • How to ensure a successful outcome is achieved

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