Airline Optimizes Salesforce Relationship at Renewal and Saves >$8M

A Salesforce Case Study

Client Profile

A $22B Airline and the World’s Largest Low-cost Carrier

Business Issue

  • Customer had a long-standing relationship with Salesforce and was using many products including Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Platform Plus, across several business areas, resulting in a very siloed and transactional Salesforce relationship
  • Sought to optimize the go-forward Salesforce relationship and ensure they had the proper pricing, as well as a construct that afforded uniform flexibility and long-term protections

Services and Results

UpperEdge developed a tailored negotiation strategy based on a deep assessment of their current relationship and supported by relevant current market intelligence:

  • Provided a detailed evaluation of the existing Salesforce pricing and commercial constructs and identified gaps compared to the market
  • Coached numerous individuals that interact with Salesforce on how best to approach the discussions before and during the renewal negotiation
  • Obtained a go-forward volume discount structure that addressed expected future growth
  • Ensured the proper level of flexibility and long-term price protections to mitigate unexpected significant downstream cost exposure

Achieved highly competitive discounting resulted in $8M in savings