Chemical Client Achieves 22.1% in Negotiated I&O Savings Representing $6.2M in over 5 Years

An IT Services Case Study

Client Profile

A $4B Global Chemicals and Materials Solutions Provider

Business Issue

  • Company spun off from a leading global chemicals corporation was undertaking a multi-year infrastructure
    outsourcing initiative designed to establish its own independent infrastructure footprint
  • Need to identify and select an outsourcing provider for managed services, workstation services, hosting,
    network, and security
  • Identified its short list of potential providers but sought assistance in evaluation, negotiation, and selection
    of its preferred provider(s)

Services & Results

UpperEdge assisted in evaluating its vendor finalist’s I&O tower to select its partners, resulting in the following:

  • Facilitated company’s efforts to normalize scope and metrics aligned to industry standards with supporting
  • Achieved 22.1% in negotiated savings representing $6.2M in I&O savings over a 5 year term
  • Secured additional $1.2M in savings via negotiated deadbands to resource unit (RU) baseline volumes
    over term
  • Ensured in-year and over-term reduced ARC/RRC tiered pricing valued at $300K-$3M based on actual
    RU volume fluctuations