[White Paper] A Hazardous Waste – Israel Chemical Limited’s SAP Implementation

Israel Chemical Limited (ICL) is an Israel-based chemical company with global operations.

ICL White Paper Cover 300x205 1The company grew leaps and bounds through acquisitions and embarked on an ambitious program to deploy a common SAP-based operating template across its three operating units.  The results were disastrous.

The initial program definition indicated a project cost of approximately $120M USD, but ultimately the expected costs of the program ballooned to $500M and the program was stopped before any major implementation began.  What followed was a write-off of $290M in project costs, the resignation of the CEO, and a freshly minted lawsuit against IBM filed in an Israeli district court.

This white paper provides: 

  • A deeper overview of the company  
  • chronology of events that took place 
  • The key decisions that were made throughout the project 
  • The downstream implications of each of these key decisions 
  • ICL’s claims and IBM’s defenses from court filings 
  • UpperEdge’s key takeaways and lessons for clients  

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