SAP ECC to S/4: How You Approach the Journey Drives Success

September 5, 2019

Sep 5, 2019

Competitive pressures, customer demands, mergers & acquisitions and SAP’s commitment to de-support ECC by 2025 are driving renewed investment in digital transformations. For many existing SAP customers, migrating from SAP ECC to S/4HANA will become a centerpiece of enabling these initiatives.

Assessing and understanding the various S/4 migration options, pros/cons, operational impacts, risks, benefits, costs, sequencing, timing and overall sourcing strategy requires a ton of diligence given the breadth of current SAP customer landscapes.

It is imperative SAP customers get an early jump on their S/4 diligence, assessment and planning efforts given the associated complexity and operational risk. Corporate leadership is making it very clear they must have confidence in the strategy, business case, and execution plans presented.

This webinar will address the following foundational elements that will set your ECC to S/4 journey and digital transformation initiative up for success:

  • Key requirements for assessing, evaluating, building and presenting the business case
  • Appreciating the importance of an integrated sourcing plan for software, implementation, infrastructure and application support
  • Understanding the complexity and cost implications of converting your ECC licenses to S/4
  • Case study review: Lessons learned from companies on the journey

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