IT Sourcing & Cost Optimization

We engage with our clients on various IT sourcing and cost reduction initiatives that are intended to increase the value realized from suppliers. UpperEdge leverages the experience base of its practitioners, its market and supplier intelligence, and proven processes to complement our clients through their most critical IT sourcing and cost optimization initiatives:

SAP Advisory Practice

Cultivating an SAP relationship can be complex, from managing transformational programs and expanding into SAP cloud solutions, to conducting software and services contract negotiations, and assessing and mitigating compliance risk.

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Oracle Advisory Practice

Most organizations have some Oracle products within their IT landscape, whether those are ERP or Oracle-acquired applications like Peoplesoft, JDE, Siebel, etc. Oracle is aggressive in conducting software audits and exerting sales pressure in an effort to move customers toward cloud agreements.  UpperEdge empowers these companies by identifying their audit financial risk exposure, identifying the likelihood of being audited by Oracle, as well as providing detailed and precise best-in-class negotiation advice.

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Microsoft Advisory Practice

Most organizations have an upcoming Microsoft licensing renewal.  UpperEdge empowers these companies to achieve best-in-class pricing, terms, and go-forward relationships after an often daunting renewal process.  All UpperEdge clients benefit from deeply discounted upfront pricing, downstream price protections, and license flexibility.

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Supplier Contract Negotiations

Every company has unique relationships with their IT suppliers. Ensuring your business objectives are 100% aligned with your supplier specific motivators and needs is a significant contributor to an effective business negotiation and a positive long-term relationship. When it comes to key supplier relationships, “what good looks like” is a moving target and should continuously be refreshed on so companies make the most of their key supplier relationships.

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We had a great experience and enjoyed working with UpperEdge!  What really stood out to our team was UpperEdge’s industry expertise, subject matter expertise, and team responsiveness. UpperEdge was great and we are extremely satisfied with the work they provided

Director, Enterprise Applications – Consumer Electronics Company

Software Audit Resolution

Effective management of your key enterprise application supplier relationships is critical to ensuring company business objectives are not negatively impacted and your company forced to respond to a software audit in a reactionary manner. UpperEdge brings a fact-based playbook for proactively assessing and mitigating the potential impact of enterprise application audits.

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Cost Optimization Initiatives

UpperEdge partners with IT organizations to assess their enterprise application and labor category spend efficiency for the purpose of optimizing overall spend. Unchecked, application operating expense and labor spend can get out of control and place your company out-of-range relative to your peers. UpperEdge leverages its proprietary tools, precise market data, team experience, and proven methodology to identify and execute on the most impactful levers for optimizing your IT spend.

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