David Blake

David Blake

Founder & CEO

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David Blake is the founder and CEO of UpperEdge.  David is responsible for the overall operations of the company with specific emphasis on managing UpperEdge’s IT sourcing, commercial advisory, contract optimization, and program governance services.

Dave has 20 years of experience leading sourcing and negotiation processes for the acquisition of enterprise applications and IT services.  Dave is considered an industry leader in advising Global 1000 companies on how most effectively to establish sustainable, high value relationships with key IT suppliers.

Prior to UpperEdge, Dave served as Vice President of AMR Research’s contract negotiation and benchmarking service.  Dave developed AMR Research’s outsourcing commercial advisory practice and led Global 1000 client engagements specializing in software, implementation and offshore outsourcing negotiations.

Prior to AMR Research, Dave served as a Program Manager at Lucent Technologies where he was responsible for sourcing, establishing, and managing multiple offshore development and sustainment centers with global delivery firms.

Prior to Lucent Technologies, Dave served in the U.S. Air Force attaining the rank of Captain.  He served as an acquisition professional sourcing custom developed systems, radar systems, and communications systems and provided contingency contract support in Kosovo and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Dave has a B.S. in business management from the United States Air Force Academy and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School.

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