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Podcast: Oracle FY23 Q3 Earnings: How Your Product Purchases Can Act as Leverage

Oracle closed out another strong quarter with the following highlights from their FY23 Q3 earnings call:

  • Cloud growth was up 45%
  • SaaS offerings like FusionERP and NetSuite showed increases of 20% and 26%, respectively.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s consumption rate was up 86%
  • IaaS revenue was up 57%

With numbers going up across the board, Oracle’s continued cloud growth reflects the current industry trends, and their numbers withstand a tough macroeconomic environment. As Oracle continues to think strategically about their revenue and consumption growth, Oracle customers need to have a firm understanding of this strategy so they can leverage it at the negotiation table. In this podcast, our Oracle Practice Leader, Jeff Lazarto, maps out some of Oracle’s goals that customers can use in their negotiation strategy.

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