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Rightsizing SAP in These Unprecedented Times

May 19, 2020

Hosted by Practice Leader Len Riley, and presented by Practice Director Chip Hanna and Senior Manager Mike Tucciarone

In today’s economic environment, no company is immune from evaluating and addressing the cost of every line item of spend in their IT budget. While your relationship with SAP and those that support your SAP ecosystem may have escaped such scrutiny in the past, this is no longer the case given the unprecedented events facing all organizations.

In these extraordinary times, SAP and its partners are expecting customers to come to them with an ask to cut costs. Those that employ a holistic, creative and credible approach to drive the discussion will see results.

In this webcast, you will be provided with an effective and timely strategy to:

  • Rationalize the cost of your SAP software and determine areas to reduce spend
  • Engage your SAP Systems Integrator and bring the cost and value equation closer to equal
  • Optimize your SAP AMS spend profile to better align with your requirements
  • Right size your SAP hosting environment to reflect your demand in today’s market

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