Software Compliance Assessments Reveal an Average Net License Fee Exposure Between $800K and $2.5M

October 18, 2017

SAP Indirect Access and Oracle non-compliance fees continue to rise as vendors attempt to lock-in customers, says UpperEdge.

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UpperEdge Reduces Indirect Access License Exposure via Negotiations by 60 to 70%

August 10, 2017

With over 65,000 large enterprises relying on SAP to run their businesses in a highly interconnected manner, customers need to have rock solid handles on their SAP relationships.

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UpperEdge Rates Audit Risk for Oracle Customers

April 5, 2017

Oracle customers concerned about potentially being selected for an audit often share the same feelings, fear and anxiety of the unknown. These audit claims have become a costly issue due to the complexity of Oracle’s licensing policies.

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UpperEdge Announces SAP Software Audit Advisory Practice & Addition of CVS Health Procurement Executive

July 8, 2015
len riley

Today UpperEdge, a provider of IT Sourcing & Negotiation Services, announced the formation of an SAP Software Audit Advisory Practice, providing market intelligence and advisory services to organizations undergoing an SAP Software License Audit.

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Foiled! How to beat software vendors’ sneaky price increases

January 3, 2014

Between complex licenses and the cloud, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP have lots of ways to hike up prices. Here's how to fight back

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Buried in Software Licensing

August 12, 2013

The transition to cloud-based services is ratcheting up traditional enterprise software costs and adding layers of complexity. Here's how IT organizations are breaking free.

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Internal Document Suggest SAP’s Goal of Simplifying Licensing Will Be a Tall Order

February 28, 2013

SAP still requires 131 pages of fine print to describe software licensing rules for its products

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More SAP Support Fee Increases on the Way?

February 12, 2013

According to two consultants from sourcing and licensing firm UpperEdge, the recently announced SAP Standard Support increase is a harbinger of more support rate increases on the way.

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SAP Customers Sound Off on ‘Indirect Access” Fees

November 26, 2012

In late August, I wrote about the topic of SAP “indirect access” fees. In short, these unpaid licensing fees are the result of not-named SAP licensed users tapping into SAP data and systems from, say, a app—and sending data back and forth between systems in real-time or during batch processing.

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SAP Gets Tough on Violation of Software Use Terms

May 9, 2012

Software giant is seeking huge back-fees from companies for claimed indirect access violations, analyst says

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