SAP Indirect Access: The Best-Run Businesses Are Run by SAP

Mar 30, 2017

The results of the SAP v. Diageo case are compelling executives to assess the state of their SAP relationship and potential financial risk. This webinar will discuss the significance of indirect access, its impact on architecture and buying decisions, and the importance of getting a proactive handle on your SAP relationship to drive predictable outcomes. Please join UpperEdge Founder and CEO David Blake and SAP Advisory Practice Lead, Len Riley as they bring to life real world indirect use scenarios from actual indirect access compliance claims and negotiations.

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Why Large IT Programs Crash and Burn

Oct 18, 2016

The same critical success factors and best practices for large IT programs have been around for years. Yet, large IT programs, professionally managed by well compensated consultants, continue to fail at the same rate they did 20 years ago. Our research shows there is a single factor most correlated with project success and it is likely your system integrator is not going to tell you about it.

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Managing Your Next Generation SAP Relationship

May 11, 2016

SAP’s ongoing integration of multiple acquisitions, incessant push for the HANA platform and its transformation to the cloud represent new layers of complexity and opportunity for customers. This complexity, coupled with SAP’s approach to software audits and relationship management, is driving customers to proactively reassess their SAP relationship.

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The Hidden Truths About Software Support

Mar 5, 2014

UpperEdge’s CEO, David Blake, and Spinnaker Support’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Kurt Moydell, have joined together to share their insights on the value of third party support.

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5 Things Every SAP Customer Must Know

Aug 31, 2013

Long-time SAP relationship managers think they have seen it all. But as SAP continues to evolve its solution portfolio, sales practices and pricing models, there are hidden opportunities for new and longstanding clients to generate more value.

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Negotiating Cloud Agreements: The Proven Playbook Revealed

Aug 16, 2012

As organizations move to cloud environments, IT and sourcing executives must treat cloud evaluations and contract negotiations with the same rigor and due diligence that is customarily applied to traditional software licensing and IT services agreements.

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