A $20B Global Frozen Foods Company attained a $9.5M total savings over term

An IT Services Application Management & Support Case Study

Client Profile

  • A $20B Global Frozen Foods Company

Business Issue

  • Company had an existing relationship for AMS and was looking to enhance the value and quality of the services it received to align with how the company had evolved​
  • Conducted an RFI evaluation process with several providers in order to understand the potential opportunity and benefit of evolving its AMS services
  • Elected to renegotiate with provider with an option to compete the scope of the AMS services in the market should a highly competitive restructured deal​ not be provided

Services & Results

UpperEdge assisted with proposal solicitation development, proposal evaluation and benchmarking, negotiation, and contracting​.  Secured a competitive- to highly competitive commercial construct with the following material commitments:

  • Attained a $9.5M total savings over term, via reduced provider MSOW rate card prices with 4-year rate lock and no COLA or ForEx (currency) adjustments
  • Guaranteed commitment to incremental scope in the form of an increase to pool of hours, addition of new applications and related support, including increases to headcount to support critical applications
  • Achieved fixed rate cost certainty for services with committed cost reductions year-over-year, reflecting productivity improvements and optimization efforts
  • Gained provider investment commitments of $750K to further expand the direction toward digital transformation and IT operations (e.g., S/4HANA Level 1 and Level 2 Impact Assessment, Cloud Migration Assessment, Robotic Process Automation Assessment, etc.)
  • Added provider innovation commitments for specific and on-going innovation opportunities, measured quarterly by KPIs within term