A Market Leader in HR and Payroll Reduces Their TCO by More Than $200M Over 5 Years

An Oracle Case Study

 Client Profile 

A Market Leader in HR and Payroll with Over 3,000 Employees decreases their financial exposure by nearly 80%

Client Situation

  • Company identified a potential Oracle financial exposure of over $100M in license and back support fees mainly associated with virtualization
  • Undertaking an initiative to engage in a negotiation with Oracle to resolve its current out-of- compliance exposure on a global basis without triggering an audit
  • Had a lack of understanding regarding Oracle’s business practices and negotiating strategies
  • Limited knowledge of market competitive pricing and commercial arrangements

Services & Results

UpperEdge advised on licensing consolidation strategies to reduce the initial out-of-compliance exposure and developed a negotiation strategy to most effectively navigate negotiations in accordance with time constraints without triggering an audit:

  • Licensing consolidation strategy decreased financial exposure by nearly 80%
  • Reduced TCO of greater than $200M over 5 years from initial out-of-compliance financial exposure
  • Negotiated deal completely solved the compliance exposure and secured Oracle’s commitment not to conduct an audit for 5 years