Academic Institution and Health Care Network Lowers ServiceNow Cost Profile Tied to Existing Products and Achieves Over $5M in Savings During Renewal Negotiation

A ServiceNow Case Study

Client Profile

A World-class Academic Institution and Health Care Network

Business Issue

  • Company had a strategic relationship in place with ServiceNow that included speaking at Knowledge
  • Additional IT executives wanted to establish relationships with senior-level sales and product team management at ServiceNow
  • ITSA Unlimited customer leading up to renewal. Wanted to ensure go-forward portfolio of solutions (ITSM, ITBM, GRC, etc.), which included net-new products (ITOM), would provide immediate and long-term value aligned with the associated spend
  • Hesitant to grow relationship with ServiceNow given the contractual relationship had been transactional in nature and value associated with net-new products not yet demonstrated

Services & Results

UpperEdge empowered the client with relevant and actionable insights regarding ServiceNow’s objectives and provided a tailored negotiation strategy and communication approach:

  • Enhanced, extended, and elevated relationship with ServiceNow that resulted in an improved go-forward working partnership
  • Acquired highly flexible structure whereby product commitments were phased to align closely with timing of actual go-forward portfolio needs
  • Improved long-term price protections extending beyond the upcoming renewal term
  • Obtained no-cost products and additional investments in the relationship
  • Reduced cost profile of current product solutions that were up for renewal
  • Achieved overall highly competitive pricing and discounting resulting in over $5M in savings