Biopharmaceuticals Client Achieves 20% Price Reduction in Salesforce Renewal Negotiation

A Salesforce Case Study

Client Profile

A $2.1B Worldwide Biopharmaceutical Services Provider

Client Situation

  • Client was underutilizing current products, exploring several new Salesforce solutions, and
    had to make an incremental purchase ahead of their upcoming renewal
  • SFDC proposed out of market pricing and commercial terms due to reduced leverage and
    limited pre-negotiated protections

Services & Results

UpperEdge developed a strong negotiation strategy with tailored messaging and provided precise
benchmarks, resulting in the following:

  • Educated client on Salesforce’s playbook and identified key levers to effectively use during
    their renewal negotiation
  • Developed tailored negotiation strategy to ensure achievement of an improved commercial
    relationship as part of the Salesforce renewal
  • Reduced initially proposed pricing by over 20% and established highly competitive long-term price protections and contract flexibility
  • Achieved $4.1M in savings over 6 years and established a committed framework for
    continued growth