Biopharmaceuticals Provider Regained ServiceNow Leverage & Reduced Initial Pricing by 30%

A ServiceNow Case Study

Client Profile

A $2.1B Worldwide Biopharmaceutical Services Provider

Business Issue

  • Company was considering adopting several ServiceNow core products and their
    executives notified ServiceNow that they were the chosen vendor prior to commencing
    commercial negotiations
  • Due to reduced leverage, they were proposed out-of-market pricing and commercial terms

Services & Results

UpperEdge developed a strong negotiation strategy with tailored messaging and provided precise
benchmarks, resulting in the following:

  • Educated client on ServiceNow’s plan of action for continued growth in the market
  • Enhanced understanding of ServiceNow’s rapidly evolving product set and
    subscription models
  • Reduced initially proposed pricing by over 30% and established highly competitive long-term price protections
  • Achieved $4.3M in savings over 6 years and established a committed framework for
    continued growth