Client Optimizes Relationship in Microsoft EA Renewal With an ROI of 10X

A Microsoft Case Study


A large integrated water treatment and process improvement services company for industrial and institutional applications, with around 11,500 employees and $4B in annual revenue, was in the process of renewing its Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.  The client faced several challenges, including:

  • Limited leverage due to previously communicated praise and need for Microsoft products
  • Lack of understanding regarding Microsoft’s business practices, negotiating strategies, and licensing models
  • Limited knowledge of market competitive pricing and commercial arrangements
  • Pressure to renewal according to Microsoft’s timeline by means of threats to decrease discounting


UpperEdge provided key guidance and assistance throughout the entire negotiation process. Specifically, UpperEdge:

  • Developed a negotiation timeline based on UpperEdge best practices so as to most effectively navigate negotiations in accordance with time constraints
  • Conducted a comprehensive review and analysis of Microsoft’s proposed commercial offerings
  • Provided precise intelligence based on UpperEdge’s extensive experience negotiating with Microsoft
  • Ensured that client conducted the proper due diligence and did not rush into a contractual commitment
  • Assisted client’s legal counsel during execution stage, including reviewing proposed contractual language


Utilizing strategies, insights, benchmarks, and the execution approach provided by UpperEdge, the client was able to achieve drastic improvement to go forward pricing and commercial terms.  Client’s achievements included:

  • Total savings amounting to a return on investment of ten (10) times client’s investment in UpperEdge
  • A best-in-class Enterprise Agreement, with an optimal licensing model based on client’s actual requirements
  • Highly competitive renewal terms, which will provide stability and transparency moving forward
  • Consulting and training services investments in the form of credits