F100 Retailer Leverages Strategic Plan to Identify $13M-$17M in Cost Reduction Opportunities

An IT Services Strategic Consulting Case Study

Client Profile

A $33B F100 Global Retailer

Business Issue

  • Corporate multi-year modernization initiative
  • Company directive to optimize $150M in SI labor spend

Services & Results

UpperEdge conducted a market assessment of primary SI labor provider’s commercial and contractual
terms using market intelligence and proprietary tools:

  • Leveraged strategic plan to drive increased value and cost optimization and identified
    $13M – $17M in cost reduction opportunities
  • Achieved $15.2M in savings through rate reductions, improved discounts and multi-year
    COLA avoidance
  • Secured contractual commitment to fixed fee payment structure with capped contingencies
    of 10% for in-flight initiatives and 15% for net new services