Consumer Electronics Manufacturer Divesting Part of Business Saves $6M Over 5 Years

An SAP Case Study

Client Profile

$1.8B Leading Audio Technology Developer and Product Manufacturer

Business Issue

  • Company was divesting a part of its business with limited TSA rights
  • Needed to conclude a transaction to meet its immediate database and supply chain needs

Services & Results

Engaged UpperEdge to mitigate the cost impact of the limited TSA rights and to ensure a highly
competitive commercial arrangement for the database and Ariba deal, resulting in the following :

  • Uncovered ASE rights included in HANA and developed negotiation strategy to deploy
    these and migrate to HANA with all license rights covered
  • Leveraged purchase to extend SAP TSA rights and eliminate all additional fees
  • Achieved $6M in savings over 5 years plus a full refresh of all expired commercial terms