Manufacturer Resolves Microsoft Compliance Issues and Achieves Best-in-Class Renewal Pricing

A Microsoft Case Study


A life science and clinical diagnostics product manufacturer, with around 6,800 employees and $1.8B in revenue, was faced with a situation in which they were required to renew their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and comply with an audit.  Some of the obstacles that client had to overcome were:

  • Inability to maintain focus on the enterprise renewal initiative due to other concurrent organizational objectives and challenges
  • Limited understanding of Microsoft’s business practices, licensing models, and deal constructs
  • Knowledge gap regarding market competitive pricing and renewal options
  • Microsoft initiating an unexpected compliance audit that yielded additional license fee requirements


UpperEdge advised client throughout the renewal negotiation and audit resolution process. Specifically, UpperEdge:

  • Formulated a negotiation strategy and timeline that allowed client to ensure the required tasks were completed on time and in an efficient manner
  • Assembled clear and concise communications that enabled client to set expectations and solicit complete and comprehensive licensing options, which helped facilitate the decision process
  • Conducted thorough reviews and detailed assessments of all licensing options and unit pricing
  • Prepared client for all interactions with Microsoft, including negotiations and executive meetings
  • Provided suggested commercial requirements and discounting levels, which were all supported by precise and relevant Microsoft benchmarks


By relying on UpperEdge, the client was able to strengthen its relationship with Microsoft during the renewal process and bring its usage under compliance coming out of the audit. Further, the client realized a number of tangible benefits, including:

  • Best-in-class discounting applied to the products being renewed
  • Highly competitive renewal terms that drive predictability for future renewals
  • Reduction to the license fees required in order to achieve compliance with the audit findings
  • Meaningful investments made by Microsoft in the form of consulting and training services at no charge