Option to Reduce TCO by >$1.3M Over 3 Years or by >$2.2M Over 5 Years for A&D Company’s Workday HCM Solution

A Workday Case Study

Client Profile

$1.2B Aerospace and Defense Business

Business Issue

  • Company was undertaking a large finance and HCM transformation initiative
  • Down-selected Workday for its HCM solution and SAP for its finance solution
  • Lacked an understanding of Workday’s business practices and negotiating strategies
  • Limited knowledge of market competitive pricing and commercial arrangements

Services & Results

UpperEdge guided the Workday negotiation process:

  • Reduced TCO by over $1.3M over 3 years and by over $2.2M over 5 years for the Workday solution, providing two highly competitive options to choose from
  • Negotiated meaningful reduction of renewal subscription fee pricing
  • Secured highly competitive discounting to acquire additional service applications in future years
  • Obtained volume pricing tiers that provide additional discounting for future growth
  • Improved SLA credit structure
  • Acquired subscription flexibility in the event of a divestiture