Paper Manufacturer Preparing for Upcoming Divestiture and Microsoft Renewal Scores $2.1M Savings Over 6 Years

A Microsoft Case Study

Client Profile

$1.6B Global Paper Manufacturer

Business Issue

  • Company adopted the all-in Microsoft 365 bundle and was preparing for an upcoming divestiture that
    coincided with their Microsoft renewal
  • A workforce reduction caused their total volume of enterprise users to dip below their current
    Microsoft volume level
  • Microsoft removed discounting to entice adoption of Microsoft 365, applied significant price increases
    to products and removed previously negotiated commercial terms with no transparency into costs
  • Microsoft used the situation to accelerate the adoption of more Microsoft products and solutions

Services & Results

UpperEdge empowered the client and the divested unit with in-depth knowledge of Microsoft’s pricing,
licensing, and purchasing models, resulting in the following:

  • Advanced both of their go-forward relationships with Microsoft to be one that is more strategic,
    including a committed level of involvement with industry-focused Microsoft senior management
  • Overcame initial challenges with Microsoft to achieve highly competitive discounting and improved
    pricing while receiving complete transparency into costs as well as downstream price protections
  • Achieved best-in-class flexibility to accommodate the specifics of their divestiture with $2.1M in
    savings over 6 years