Pharmaceutical Services Leader Achieves $2.8M in Savings Over 3 Years for Microsoft EA Renewal

A Microsoft Case Study

Client Profile

A $2.3B Leader in Worldwide Bio/Pharmaceutical Services

Business Issue

  • Company had a long-standing relationship with Microsoft and sought to renew its
    Enterprise Agreement
  • Sought to optimize their ongoing costs, licensing model, and commercial construct

Services & Results

UpperEdge recommended an integrated negotiation strategy, resulting in the following:

  • Provided a detailed assessment of the client’s existing agreements, licensing models, and
    pricing to identify areas for improvement
  • Supported throughout the negotiation and execution phases to achieve a highly favorable
    outcome in terms of competitive pricing and key commercial terms
  • Achieved a savings of $2.8M over 3 years and provided pricing visibility for future Cloud
    solutions to support the client’s strategic transition to the Cloud