Retailer and Energy Company Achieves Holistic Contract Structure and Saves $23M

A Salesforce Case Study

Client Profile

A $20B U.S. Retailer and Energy Company

 Client Situation

  • Client had a transactional relationship with Salesforce that included significant investments in Salesforce acquired products
  • Overutilizing many current products, not utilizing other products, and had multiple ongoing contractual structures with different renewal dates
  • Needed to right-size the relationship ahead of their upcoming renewal

 Services & Results

UpperEdge developed a custom negotiation strategy with key levers to use during the negotiation to ensure an improved commercial relationship and working partnership with Salesforce:

  • Worked with team to ensure that final product portfolio was best suited for actual go-forward requirements
  • Achieved a holistic contract structure that included coterminous order forms for all Salesforce products(including those recently acquired by Salesforce)
  • Attained complete transparency into licensing mechanisms, future contractual commitments for downstream growth and established best-in-class long-term price protections
  • Resulted in over $23M in savings over 6 years