Utilities Company Achieves Best-in-Class Discounting & Highly Competitive Future Term Extension in Microsoft Renewal

A Microsoft Case Study

Client Profile

$11B North American Utilities Holding Company

Business Issue

  • Facing significant unplanned expenses impacting their ability to budget and execute their
    Microsoft renewal on time
  • Evaluation of needs which included exploring new Microsoft products and solutions
  • Given internal issues and budgetary constraints, client needed to delay adopting Microsoft products
    and solutions that better fit their needs and needed to request a term extension

Services & Results

UpperEdge developed a strong negotiation and communication strategy to execute with Microsoft, resulting in the following:

  • Extended an expiring agreement and previously negotiated pricing, affording time to
    effectively budget for the adoption of new products and solutions as part of the renewal term
  • Provided in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of pricing, licensing, and purchasing models to
    ensure their renewal product portfolio was best suited for their go-forward requirements
  • Established licensing structure that included flexibility to accommodate business needs
  • Achieved $5.1M in savings over 5 years with best-in-class discounting and a highly
    competitive future term extension option with price protections