Podcast: Microsoft Cloud Revenue is the Key to FY22 Q1 Success

Microsoft beat analyst expectations, posting FY22 Q1 total revenue of $45.3B.  Once again, Microsoft’s success is largely being driven by the success of the Microsoft Cloud (which includes Azure, O365, LinkedIn, Dynamics, and other cloud properties).  Microsoft will continue to push enterprise customers to adopt (and use) as many pieces of the Microsoft Cloud as they possibly can, including motivating these same customers to use the most robust (and costly) editions (i.e., M365 E5).  Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, also mentioned that the Microsoft Cloud and the collective set of digital technology that comes with it, provides a deflationary force in an inflationary economy that will help customers navigate these times.

In this podcast, Microsoft Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses how Microsoft’s focus on selling customers as many pieces of the Microsoft Cloud as possible will provide an opportunity for customers to optimize their go-forward commercial relationship and overcome Microsoft price increases coming in March 2022.

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