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Capturing the Value of Generative AI

John Belden

John Belden

Chief of Strategy & Research

Kylie Chisholm

Kylie Chisholm

Content Marketing Manager


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Welcome to “Sourcing Enterprise AI,” the podcast where we unravel the intricacies of AI sourcing and explore the latest news in Artificial Intelligence and its potential impact on the market.

In this week’s episode, co-hosts John Belden and Kylie Chisholm are discussing how executives can better capture and communicate the value of AI. AI will be an inevitable part of enterprise organizations’ roadmaps moving forward, but executives are challenged with articulating the value to drive AI adoption and use. John talks through the four channels of AI value that IT execs need to understand and gives next steps on communicating the value of AI to their teams.

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Episode Discussion

In this episode, John Belden and Kylie Chisholm discuss how CIOs and CPOs can effectively capture the value of generative AI and communicate it to their teams and executives. They outline four channels through which organizations can harness the value of AI:

1. Everyday Individual AI: This refers to AI accessible to everyone, such as ChatGPT or Copilot for Microsoft 365. Organizations should focus on educating their workforce and providing training to maximize the use of these tools.

2. Packaged AI: AI capabilities delivered through platforms like SAP, Oracle, or ServiceNow. CIOs and CPOs need to ensure platform currency, minimal infrastructure, and understand the value proposition across business processes.

3. Organic or Bespoke AI: Custom AI solutions developed in-house for specific business needs. Organizations should invest in establishing infrastructure and preparing for future applications of Generative AI.

4. Indirect AI: Capturing value from AI implementations in the supply base. CIOs and CPOs should assess their IT spend, identify opportunities for negotiation, and act swiftly to extract value.

John and Kylie provide actionable recommendations for executives:

  • Educate your organization on Generative AI.
  • Engage tier one SIs for industry-specific insights.
  • Set up infrastructure for generative AI.
  • Survey overall IT spend and renegotiate contracts.
  • Act fast and responsibly to leverage AI opportunities.

They also encourage listeners to reach out to UpperEdge’s experts for further insights and assistance.

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