[White Paper] SAP Indirect Access

UpperEdge SAP White Paper Cover

Indirect Access is an issue that CIOs simply cannot afford to ignore as it can expose both old and new SAP customers to substantial incremental fees. In fact, customers who feel quite comfortable given their long-standing relationship with SAP may be at greatest risk because their landscape of perceived unlicensed users may be the least pruned, thus exposing them to a compliance ambush.

Indirect Access violations occur when an SAP licensee breaches SAP’s vague and confusing definition of appropriate “use.” This can occur when a user or third-party application creates, manipulates, or views data in the SAP systems via an interface between the third-party application and SAP. Unfortunately, the lack of clarity around SAP’s definition of use makes preventing and avoiding out-of-compliance fees a challenge.

In this White Paper, you will learn:

  • Examples of what SAP considers use by way of Indirect Access
  • SAP’s justification for enforcing the concept of Indirect Access
  • The results of the SAP vs Diageo case
  • How to take an SAP audit head on

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