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After 40 Years of ERP and IT Transformation Projects, Failures Still at Same Rate, Says UpperEdge

Practice Leader Presents at COLLABORATE ‘19 Conference

Boston, MA – March 12, 2019 – Major IT project disasters continue to be the bane of software providers and software implementors alike. No platform or integrator is immune from the potential of a major disaster, according to UpperEdge. New software platforms, methodologies, and automation of IT practices have done little to stem the tide of catastrophic failures. But since most customers, vendors and implementors do not publicly share their mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them.

UpperEdge dug deeper into 14 public IT disasters to identify what they have in common, four things to get right early, and what enterprises can do to improve the probability that a project will not end up on this list in the future.

“IT project disasters don’t discriminate; every project is susceptible to disaster. Failed implementations can be at public vs. private companies, various software platforms with different system integrator support, and can affect diverse implementation sizes,” said Jeff Lazarto, UpperEdge Commercial Advisory Practice Leader.

“While there is no magic bullet for preventing an IT disaster, understanding why major transformational programs fail is a great first step to planning and implementing a successful program,” Jeff continued.

On Tuesday, April 9th, UpperEdge’s Jeff Lazarto will present, “The One Thing All Successful Implementation Programs Must Have.”

Lazarto’s presentation will address:

• The commonalities of why projects have failed and how to prevent failure

• The importance of high-quality decision-making before developing your project timeline, including your business case, budget, talent, and suppliers as the essential decisions to get right

• The factors necessary for implementing a high-quality decision-making process

• The role of the system integrator to support, instead of lead, the decision-making process.

Companies can learn and derive benefits from UpperEdge’s research on the wave of catastrophic IT project failures from the past eight years.


COLLABORATE ‘19 is produced by the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG), a member-led organization that makes the most of users’ investment in Oracle’s business applications and its database. The event is focused on helping attendees maximize on-premises solutions, evaluate a path to the cloud, and optimize business in the cloud. The conference will be held in San Antonio on April 7-11. The five-day conference and expo features executive speakers from major organizations like Taylor Made-Adidas Golf, Experian, Starbucks, Amazon, Kaiser Permanente, and Best Buy. To learn more, please visit COLLABORATE ‘19.


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