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UpperEdge Launches “Sourcing Enterprise AI” Podcast Series for IT Sourcing Professionals

Boston, MA, Oct. 12, 2023 – UpperEdge, an independent, third-party advisor that empowers organizations to maximize the value of their IT supplier relationships, is excited to announce its latest venture: the new “Sourcing Enterprise AI” podcast series. With a strong commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, UpperEdge has launched the podcast to help organizations understand the market, opportunities, and risks associated with AI. Taking the lead as the host is John Belden, Chief of Strategy and Research, joined by cohost Bill Rufo, Chief Revenue Officer. Together, this duo will delve into the topics that matter most to IT decision makers and sourcing professionals, unraveling the intricacies of AI sourcing, and exploring the latest news in AI and its potential impact on the market.

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing industries and redefining business processes at an unprecedented pace. IT professionals tasked with sourcing and procurement face many unique challenges and unknowns. The podcast series aims to equip them with the knowledge, insights, and strategies needed to effectively navigate the complex and ever-changing world of AI sourcing. Of particular interest is the focus on the “AI value inversion.” This concept sheds light on situations where vendors’ price increases and lack of transparency results in the bulk of the value flowing to suppliers’ shareholders rather than benefiting paying customers. Industry experts will dissect this notion and provide strategies to mitigate it, showcasing UpperEdge’s commitment to maximizing customer value.

“The AI market is in its infancy, teeming with new capabilities, emerging vendors, a redefined competitive landscape, and an abundance of risks,” remarked John Belden, Chief of Strategy and Research. “In each episode, we will explore a specific topic and share our insights from working with some of the largest enterprises in the world on their AI sourcing strategies.”

Spanning a wide array of topics, the podcast series will cover:

  • AI’s impact on business processes and strategy
  • Emerging trends and developments in the AI landscape
  • The inherent risks of AI that enterprises must consider
  • Strategies for evaluating, sourcing, and negotiating AI solutions

Listeners can expect in-depth discussions, engaging interviews, and practical takeaways that will empower them to navigate the complex world of AI with confidence. UpperEdge’s dedication to innovation and knowledge sharing has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor in the technology space. By launching the “Sourcing Enterprise AI” podcast, UpperEdge reaffirms its commitment to providing IT professionals with the insights they need to drive success in the AI-driven era.

Bill Rufo, Chief Revenue Officer, echoed these sentiments, stating, “At UpperEdge, we understand the critical role that AI plays in the modern enterprise. Our mission has always been to empower organizations to maximize the value of their IT vendor relationships, and this podcast is a natural extension of that commitment. The series will offer invaluable, actionable insights from experts in the field that help listeners make fact-based sourcing decisions as they drive innovation with AI.”

“Sourcing Enterprise AI” is available wherever you listen to your podcasts. To learn more about the series and stay up-to-date on new episodes, please visit the UpperEdge website. IT leaders and industry experts who are interested in being a guest on the show can apply here.


UpperEdge is the only independent IT advisory firm that empowers enterprise organizations to maximize the value of their IT vendor relationships by providing market and vendor intelligence, sourcing and negotiation best practices, and transformation project execution strategies for their most strategic IT initiatives. Visit for more information.