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UpperEdge Uncovers Little Known Strategies for Negotiating Best-in-Class Agreements with ServiceNow

Boston, MA – February 25, 2021 – UpperEdge, an independent third-party advisory company that empowers organizations to get the most value from their IT supplier relationships, launched its latest white paper on negotiating agreements with ServiceNow.

The white paper, entitled “The Secrets to Winning ServiceNow Negotiations,” provides an analysis of the new ServiceNow and their changing product and license portfolio.  It helps a customer prepare for a ServiceNow renewal or net-new negotiation, including 8 possible leverage points.

“The first step in any negotiation is to understand what the company on the other side of the table wants,” said Adam Mansfield, ServiceNow Practice Leader at UpperEdge.

“ServiceNow has over 1000 customers with annual spends greater than $1M.  One of their goals is to continue to grow that number by pushing customers to increase usage, increasing the number of user counts and the number of products in their subscriptions,” Mansfield added.

UpperEdge advocates that companies not only strive to get the best pricing and discounting possible, but also to negotiate an agreement that provides transparency as well as flexibility to meet their company’s evolving needs.

A 5-minute video interview with the author highlights the evolution of ServiceNow over the past 18 months and how their sales teams have adapted to the new direction.  In many cases, even negotiating a renewal is like signing an agreement for the first time.  Having the right relationship and commercial terms are key to both net-new and renewal negotiations.

To download a complimentary copy of the whitepaper, click here.


UpperEdge maximizes the value its clients receive from their key IT supplier relationships by helping them develop and execute fact-based sourcing, negotiation, and program execution strategies.  Visit for more information.