12 IT Disasters and the Decisions That Took Them Down

December 11, 2018

Large IT projects continue to fail at the same rate they have failed for the last 40 years. New software platforms, methodologies, and automation of IT practices have done little to stem the tide of catastrophic failures. Look no further then recent failures like MillerCoors and Bridgestone. And these failures are just the tip of the iceberg.

Most IT failures never make it into the press or into lawsuits and are often concealed relative to their impact on a company’s earnings performance. You would think that after 40 years the industry would have progressed to the point that failures were the exception and not the rule.

In this webinar, UpperEdge will:

• Drill down into several of these disasters to uncover the decisions that resulted in a failed or stopped program

• Identify 3 characteristics these 12 high profile failures have in common

• Establish 4 things that organizations need to get right from the very beginning

• Provide 3 techniques that companies can use to reduce the risks associated with IT programs

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