Implementing SAP S/4HANA:  Accenture, Deloitte, and IBM Compared

October 14, 2020
Len Riley
Len Riley
John Belden

Hosted by Advisory Leaders, Len Riley and John Belden

The time has come to take a fundamentally different approach to the evaluation and selection of SAP implementation partners.  No longer should you rely on biased market research, ineffective RFP processes or sole source awards to incumbent providers.  Leveraging the experiences and insights obtained from supporting the evaluation, selection, negotiation, contracting and execution of over $10B in SAP implementation projects, this webinar critiques the performance of Accenture, Deloitte and IBM through each of the following phases:

  • Strategy & Planning (“Phase 0”)
  • Evaluation, Selection & Negotiation
  • Project Mobilization
  • Program Delivery & Execution

In this webcast, you will learn:

  1. What the critical success and evaluation factors are for each phase
  2. How each provider differentiates themselves during each phase
  3. How these providers navigate the sales and contracting cycle
  4. How each provider manages their relationship with SAP
  5. What the most effective strategies are to minimize risk and drive expected outcomes

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