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Mitigating Cloud Transformation Risks in AWS, Azure, and MSP Relationships

Webinar | Mitigating Cloud Transformation Risks in AWS Azure and MSP Relationships

In today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape, organizations are navigating a maze of technology options from cloud-first solutions to generative AI to boutique solutions. Embracing these modern technologies are fundamentally transforming the infrastructure services and managed services needs of organizations. These initiatives are complex in nature and affect all aspects of legacy infrastructure models.

As companies plan for these cloud-first transformations with one of the main hyperscalers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure), they must reimagine their supporting infrastructure strategies while managing the myriad of risks that can cause delays or disruption to services and provider relationships that negatively impact the return on investments.

Join our expert advisors as they share critical insights to help you:

  • Navigate Evolving Market Trends: Gain insights into the ever-changing landscape of cloud and managed service providers.
  • Identify Critical Cloud Risks: Learn to navigate vendor lock-in, runaway spending, and misaligned partnerships with Cloud Services Providers.
  • Manage Support Service Relationship Disruption: Learn how companies are managing MSP expectations as infrastructure moves to the cloud.
  • Implement Strategic Mitigation Tactics: Discover actionable strategies to combat the key risks in your cloud and infrastructure transformations.

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