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Proven Strategies to Master Your ServiceNow Negotiations

June 22, 2023

YouTube video

With a broader set of solutions that are more heavily relied upon by ServiceNow customers, it is more critical than ever for customers to ensure they effectively prepare for their ServiceNow negotiations.

If you are considering adopting ServiceNow solutions for the first time, have a renewal on the horizon, or are considering expanding your ServiceNow portfolio in term, this webinar is for you.

During the webinar, UpperEdge’s ServiceNow Practice Leader and industry expert, Adam Mansfield will share actionable insights covering:

  • Knowledge 2023 takeaways
  • Financial Performance, including 2023 Financial Analyst Day announcements
  • What matters most to ServiceNow and its impact on customers
  • How to effectively prepare to negotiate with ServiceNow
  • The most effective strategies to increase negotiation leverage
  • What a successful negotiation outcome looks like

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