Don’t Line the Pockets of Your System Integrator

December 8, 2020
John Belden
David Blake

Hosted by Advisory Leader, John Belden and CEO, David Blake

Digital transformations come with a fair number of risks. But risk management processes implemented by most of the big SIs are seriously flawed and oftentimes increase (not minimize) a client’s risk profile. Failure to mitigate risks is money in your SI’s pocket. All understand that failure on behalf of the client to adequately address their own execution risks will likely lead to profitable change orders.

Relying on your SI to tell you how to mitigate risks can be an imperfect strategy that often does not have a happy ending. Protecting your organization against risks that may seem obvious is often not thoroughly covered in your contracts. This webinar will analyze:

  • Why risk management fails
  • Failure points and how to mitigate them
  • Operationalizing risk management
  • The most overlooked risks

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