Take Proactive Control of Your SAP Licensing, Indirect Usage and Vendor Management

Jun 1, 2017

With over 65,000 large enterprises relying on SAP to run their businesses, you would expect more companies to have rock solid handles on their SAP relationships. Annual audits, complex agreements and an evolving SAP ecosystem continue to be significant and costly challenges for SAP customers. In addition, the results of the SAP v. Diageo “indirect use” case provide enough cause for concern whereby executives need to assess the state of their SAP usage models, the vendor relationship, and potential financial risk.

Join UpperEdge and Flexera for a webcast on SAP license and vendor management and learn about:

  • SAP’s approach to software audits
  • Consequences of not having control over your SAP relationship including the cost impact based on customer case studies
  • Real world customer scenarios of indirect use
  • Significance of the SAP v. Diageo case
  • Best practice approaches for getting better management of your SAP relationship-Named User license options, etc.
  • Best practice approaches for sustaining and evolving the value of your SAP relationship
  • Reducing costs by optimizing your SAP named user licenses based on an analysis of real usage data
  • Discovering instances of indirect access to manage and optimize the license requirements for users of non-SAP systems
  • Value of a holistic approach


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