Are You Truly Prepared for Your Salesforce Renewal?

November 14, 2017

Recorded November 14, 2017

Salesforce has become the fastest growing enterprise cloud software company to reach an annual run rate of $10B. Significant growth and adoption across all go-to-market cloud solutions have been a key factor in reaching this impressive milestone in such a short period of time.

But every cloud solution Salesforce sells comes with a subscription that must be renewed. Their approach to taking advantage of their customers’ inability to walk away once product adoption has occurred has been critical to their success.

In the current environment, customers who want to maintain or even improve the commercial relationship they established with Salesforce at the outset, must have the right strategy in place come renewal time.

If you are considering adding Salesforce to your supplier portfolio or are already a customer, this webcast will provide many valuable insights, including:

  • Outlining how to effectively prepare for your SFDC renewal
  • Providing actionable strategies to increase your leverage with SFDC
  • Addressing SFDC’s sales tactics come renewal time

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