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Podcast: Salesforce Q2 FY24 Earnings: How Customer’s Can Navigate “AI + Data + CRM + Trust”

Salesforce’s Q2 FY24 total revenue came in at $8.6B, beating analysts expected $8.53B, and represented 11% growth year-over-year. Salesforce raised their full year FY24 revenue guidance from $34.7B to $34.8B, which would represent 11% growth year-over-year and beat the expected guidance of $34.65B. They stated recent price increases were accounted for in these numbers, but the increases did not have a significant influence on what they are now expecting for revenue.  Elongated sales cycles, additional deal approval layers and deal compression were also factored into Salesforce’s revenue guidance.

It was made abundantly clear that Salesforce is going to be heavily pushing Data Cloud and AI solutions, like AI CRM, onto their customer base.  Both are seen as significant revenue and cloud expansion drivers for Benioff’s modern version of Salesforce: “AI + Data + CRM + Trust.”

In this podcast, our Salesforce Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses what customers should expect from Salesforce leading up to their year-end and beyond.  He also shares how customers should approach Salesforce and how best to leverage Salesforce’s clear goals during their upcoming negotiations.

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