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Podcast: Salesforce Q3 FY24: Key Focus Areas Salesforce Customers Should Be Aware Of

Adam Mansfield

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Salesforce’s Q3 subscription and support revenue came in at $8.14B, representing 13% growth year-over-year, but fairly flat revenue growth when compared to other quarters in FY24. It also represents significantly lower growth when compared against the 18% growth posted last Q3.

 During the earnings call, CEO, Marc Benioff, made it clear that he and Salesforce are focused on:

(1) Increasing profitability

(2) Being the #1 AI CRM

(3) Getting sales executives to be able to tell the stories of AI success

(4) Delivering new products and new technologies (Unlimited Edition Plus, Data Cloud, Einstein GPT Copilot…etc.)

(5) Delivering great implementations and making sure customers are successful

(6) The Ohana 2.0 culture.

In this podcast, Salesforce Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses what Salesforce’s earnings mean for customers and what customers should expect from Salesforce as they push through renewal negotiations. In addition, Adam provides his perspective on how best to prepare for Salesforce’s aggressive push to upsell and cross sell their current customers. He also shares how customers can leverage Salesforce’s clear goals and areas of focus during their upcoming negotiations.

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