Podcast: ServiceNow’s Path to $15B in Revenue

Last week, ServiceNow held its virtual Financial Analyst Day event ahead of its annual Knowledge conference kick off.  During it, ServiceNow laid out how they will grow from $5.5B in revenue at the end of 2021 to $15B in FY26.  It all comes down to the tried-and-true SaaS vendor “land and expand” playbook.  Beyond putting an emphasis on landing new customers, they are going to rely on growth, cross selling (i.e., pushing more products into customer portfolios) and upselling (i.e., pushing customers to the most robust and costly editions).

In this podcast, ServiceNow Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses where ServiceNow will focus to accomplish these goals and the tactics they will deploy to reach their $15B revenue target.  He also shares how enterprise customers could potentially take advantage of some of these key insights in their upcoming ServiceNow negotiations and renewals.

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