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UpperEdge Releases White Paper on Negotiating with Salesforce

Boston, MA – October 14, 2020 – UpperEdge, an independent third-party advisory company that empowers organizations to get the most value from their IT supplier relationships, launched its latest white paper on IT negotiations.

The white paper, entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Renewal Negotiations,” describes how Salesforce negotiates, the type of behavior you can expect to see from Salesforce, steps to prepare for your negotiation, and how to successfully create leverage for your upcoming renewal.

“In every negotiation, it is important to understand the goals and motivations of the opposing party,” said Adam Mansfield, Salesforce Practice Leader at UpperEdge.

While there are many points to consider in a negotiation with Salesforce, benchmarking your deal is an important first piece of information to have heading into the discussions. You need to understand if you have been paying too much and what you should be paying moving forward.

Many organizations are paying more than they should and are living with Salesforce’s standard contractual and commercial terms. These vendor-centric terms have immediate and downstream implications including exposure to significant cost increases at renewal.

“Salesforce, in particular, is exceptionally good at making negotiations a challenge and has a proven track record of upselling.  The fact that this cloud giant is the fastest growing enterprise cloud software company to reach an annual run rate of $10B with plans to reach $40B by 2028, is an indicator that their system is working,” Mansfield added.

The white paper goes on to illustrate that negotiating a best-in-class deal is not about price alone.  Consider all of the factors of your negotiation, including:

  • Upfront pricing and discount
  • Renewal price protections
  • Volume discount structure
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency

To download a complimentary copy of the whitepaper, click here.


UpperEdge maximizes the value its clients receive from their key IT supplier relationships by helping them develop and execute fact-based sourcing, negotiation, and program execution strategies.  Visit for more information.