Ask the Experts – Workday Licensing

September 22, 2020

Negotiating with Workday has become more challenging as Workday subscription licensing has become more complex. This webinar will cover the most common licensing and commercial terms, including the different ways Workday uses pricing and payment schedules, and the implications for customers. Workday customers, or those evaluating Workday, can submit a question before or during the webinar, or just come to learn from what others are asking.

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We will discuss Workday licensing basics including:

  • Product SKUs and FSE Counts
    • Worker Types
    • FSE Calculation
    • Pricing Impact
  • Pricing and Payment Schedules
    • Distinction Between the Two
    • Ramp-ups
    • TCO Impact
  • List Pricing and Discounting Practices
  • Licensing True-ups and Flexibility
  • Renewal Term Protections
  • Future Pricing Protections

You can download the webcast below: