SAP Alert: UK High Court Supports SAP’s Ability to Charge for Indirect Access

The United Kingdom’s High Court of Justice issued a judgement yesterday affirming SAP’s right to charge Diageo, an £11B consumer beverage company, license and maintenance fees related to the use of third party software interfacing with SAP ERP.

The High Court ruled that sales representatives, distributors and customers using Diageo’s Salesforce platform to support interactions with SAP ERP constitutes use under the SAP agreement.  SAP’s claim seeks £55M in additional license and maintenance fees that will be assessed during the next phase of the trial.

Given the significance of the High Court ruling and precedent it establishes, UpperEdge will be conducting an in-depth review of the judgement and publish our perspective of the implications to SAP customers next week.  In the interim, UpperEdge recommends referring to our prior experience and research on SAP Indirect Access and practical strategies for managing your SAP relationship.

If you are interested in conducting a high-level assessment of your organization’s SAP Indirect Access exposure, please refer to our SAP Indirect Access Tool.  If you have an interest in a follow-up discussion regarding your SAP relationship or compliance position, please contact us at [email protected].

Click here to access the complete court ruling.

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