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Many customers feel they have limited leverage when negotiating Salesforce licensing (subscriptions) and very little control at renewal.  This has led some customers to simply give up trying to negotiate with Salesforce.  And achieving an improved deal that also aligns with the timing of their actual go-forward requirements has often become unattainable unless they are willing to significantly increase their annual run rate with Salesforce.  UpperEdge has a proven track record of helping these companies achieve best-in-class pricing, optimal terms and go-forward relationships coming out of the negotiation.  We rely on years of experience, a robust set of benchmarks and proven methodologies to deliver these results.

We empower companies


  • Provide sourcing advisory services and contract negotiation support during Salesforce engagements for over 10 years
  • Support the negotiation of Salesforce master service agreements and order forms
  • Specialize in net-new competitive assessments, renewal negotiations and renegotiations that include mid-term product expansion
  • Access to a deep set of price benchmarks across all Salesforce products (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Einstein Editions, etc.) and price levels, allowing us to quickly ascertain the competitiveness of your current and proposed Salesforce subscription fees agreement
  • Identify relevant negotiation levers to use with Salesforce to achieve the most optimal outcome


  • Provide assessment of your current Salesforce product utilization with an emphasis on spend analysis and go-forward optimization opportunities
  • Identify potential financial exposure tied to overutilization and non-compliance
  • Conduct evaluation of your future demand resulting in a quantified potential financial investment with Salesforce
  • Benchmark and measure competitive nature of current and proposed Salesforce pricing on a product-by-product basis
  • Develop go-forward negotiation strategy to most effectively navigate the discussions with Salesforce
  • Ensure negotiation is well scripted through tailored written deliverables supported by timely coaching and commentary
  • Review contractual documentation to confirm negotiated terms are accurately captured and articulated


  • Better understanding of Salesforce master subscription agreements and order form terms, volume license pricing, and product subscription models, methodologies, and use rights
  • Savings on average of $2.0M with Salesforce
  • Deeply discounted upfront pricing and additional upfront per user price reductions beyond those initially proposed
  • Established volume software pricing to ensure added price improvement as spend increases
  • Meaningful price protections and flexibility warranting downstream price certainty
  • Improved executive-level relationship and governance with Salesforce

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