Case Study Podcast: Client Focused on ERP Consolidation Selects SAP RISE

This is the first podcast in our three-part series covering SAP Support Model Case Studies.

SAP customers migrating their SAP workload to the cloud have four primary support models to choose from. These include the “Do It Yourself” model, the “Do It for Me” model, the professional model, and SAP RISE. In this case study, a client chose the SAP RISE model where they were able to choose the hyperscaler but everything else is managed under contract through SAP with a single agreement.

This particular company had different ERP systems through acquisitions and divestitures, but they wanted SAP ECC to be their platform for the future. This was going to be a greenfield deployment for SAP and did not have a lot of 3rd party applications within the scope of RISE. However, even in completely greenfield deployments, companies need to approach SAP with a high degree of sophistication because of the nuances, traps, and hidden costs inside RISE.  In this podcast, IT Sourcing & Commercial Advisory Practice Director, Chip Hanna, discusses why this client chose SAP RISE, the benefits of doing so in their situation, and what companies who select this support model should do to avoid the many challenges of moving to RISE.

For more details on all four models and client examples for each, download our on-demand webcast, Defining Your SAP Cloud Strategy: Azure, AWS, GCP and RISE Compared.

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