Podcast: Microsoft FY22 Q2 Earnings: Impressive Cloud Revenue Growth

Microsoft once again beat analyst expectations, posting FY22 Q2 total revenue of $51.7B. Their success is being driven by the Microsoft Cloud (which includes Azure, O365, LinkedIn, Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and other cloud solutions). When selling their cloud solutions to enterprise customers, Microsoft will continue to pitch a “One Microsoft’ approach with the ultimate goal of getting them to use as many pieces of the Microsoft Cloud as possible. It is also clear that Microsoft will remain focused on leveraging their premium security, compliance, voice, and analytics solutions to get enterprise customers to move to the more robust (and costly) M365 E5.

In this podcast, Microsoft Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses how Microsoft’s focus on selling as many pieces of the Microsoft Cloud as possible will provide an opportunity for customers to optimize their go-forward commercial relationship and overcome Microsoft price increases coming in March 2022.

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