Podcast: Microsoft FY22 Q4 Earnings: Top and Bottom Line Misses Provide Opportunity for Customers

Microsoft missed on the top and bottom lines and posted their lowest earnings growth in two years according to their recent Q4 earnings call.  Microsoft’s FY22 Q4 total revenue was $51.9B, which was up 12% but lower than what Wall Street expected ($52.4B) and lower than the high end of their adjusted revenue guidance ($52.6B).  Microsoft Cloud eclipsed $25B in the quarter, representing a 28% increase year-over-year.  Their go-forward success will continue to be directly tied to Microsoft Cloud, which includes Azure, Office365, LinkedIn, Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and other cloud solutions.

In this podcast, our Microsoft Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses how customers can leverage Microsoft’s clear need to show success in taking market share (Azure, Teams, Dynamics 365, Security, etc.), moving customers to “E5,” specifically the all-in cloud bundle Microsoft 365 E5, and accelerated revenue growth beyond the conservative guidance given.  He also covers what enterprise customers should expect as they approach their upcoming renewals as well as how to prepare for Microsoft’s plan of attack.

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